Andy Warhol was shot on June 3, 1968 by Valerie Solanas at his New York studio, the Factory. She was apparently mad at him because he didn’t like a script she had given him to read. It turns out she was pretty loopy, and Warhol was hurt pretty bad and almost died. In a way, the gunshot did eventually kill him; his death after a routine gallbladder surgery in 1987 might not have happened but for complications from the lasting damage of that gunshot wound.

Anywho, I was told by Grandpa’s cousin, Goti, that this print depicts the rooftop pool…

I purchased this pen and watercolor drawing on a vacation to Uzebkistan in 2009. The subject is a Bactrian camel, a ubiquitous creature in the Eurasian Steppe. Around this time one of these magnificent beasts chased me down a street in Afghanistan after losing a fight with another ill-tempered camel (I escaped unharmed into a Toyota Town Ace parked down the street). Being that Uzbek currency is subject to fairly ludicrous inflation, I was obliged to hand over a stack of bills large enough to make a rapper blush when buying the drawing. It currently sits unframed atop my living room mantel.

This impressive looking boombox was a Christmas gift from my younger brother, who purchased it from an artisan with less concern for trademark infringement than me. Crimes against the Fab Four’s intellectual property notwithstanding, I very much enjoy this thing and it presently adorns my office. The unit is somewhat functional but will eventually consume any tapes loaded into it.

The image on this Bo Jackson baseball/football card is right up there with Michael Jordan’s “Wings” poster as one of the most iconic sports images of the 80’s. Apparently this card was once valued at $3.00, but I am unable to accurately price this object without a current Beckett guide. I don’t recall buying this — it almost certainly was acquired by one of my brothers — but none of them have claimed it so I will continue to be its caretaker. Apologies to any childhood neighbors/friends that I may have accidentally stolen this from.

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I’ve set up this blog to test out the functionality of the customer interaction tools offered by ActiveCampaign. For the time being the content of this blog will be images and descriptions of objects found in my home. This Johnny Cash action figure has been with me for a few years now and is one of my favorites. Look at that beautifully coiffed hair, polka-dot kerchief, and guitar with real strings! A daily inspiration to walk the line.

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This post is just a test.

Drew Dragstrem

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